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Support the KBCS Year-End Fund Drive!

Listener donations are the largest source of funding for KBCS. Your tax-deductible donation makes the relevant, thought-provoking, and inspiring music + ideas on KBCS possible. Donate or provide an additional year-end gift today!

$40,000 Goal


Drive ends: December 11, 2016

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The KBCS Audio Archive Player

The KBCS audio archive player allows you to listen to any program heard on KBCS in the past two weeks. (The two-week limit was mandated by Congress in the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.)

To use the player, simply select the date of the program you wish to listen to, then click the program name from the list of available shows. (If the program is not listed, no archived audio is available at this time.)

Click the speaker icon to begin playback.

Archive is only available after the program comes to an end, NOT at the end of each hour.


The player uses a JavaScript plugin which should run on most operating systems and mobile devices. If the player does not seem to work, the following steps may help resolve the problem:

1. Make sure pop-ups are not disabled in your browser.

  • Consult your browser’s help menu to enable pop-ups.

2. Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser:

3. Make sure you have the most recent version of your browser. Links for some common browsers: