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DJ Spektra

Dawn Atlas

Dawn Atlas (AKA DJ Spektra) started out playing trance music at local parties and events in and around Seattle about 10 years ago. As time went by she developed a deep appreciation for “downtempo” and “midtempo” dance music, especially if it was mixed with acoustic sounds such as flute, guitar and congas.

The music she plays has been called funky, sexy, and groovy. Styles range from ambient, jazz, flamenco, glitch, rap, mellow trance to rock. It includes a lot of ethnic elements as well as interesting sounds, voices or instruments. Some of her favorite artists include: Natacha Atlas, Autechre, Kuba, Muslim Gauze, Sphongle, Badmarsh & Shri, Leonard Cohen and Gaudi. Favorite labels include: Six Degrees, Interchill, and Putumayo.

A lot of this music is not played on commercial radio shows. Some of it may be familiar. Most of the music was found through the underground dance scene, browsing record stores, surfing the net, friends and all her travels abroad. Dawn has a huge fascination for all types of music and is constantly searching for new and interesting artists!