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DJ Cues

DJ Cues "Peace"

DJ Cues is a Deejay/ Turntablist-Skratch Musician from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle-Tacoma area.

Cues is the very definition of a well rounded Deejay. Cues displays his versatility by having his hands in many of the different elements of Deejaying. Anything and everything from rocking mobiles, clubs, Bboy/Bgirl jams, DJ battles, mixing on the radio, skratching and Turntablism.

Cues has a universal approach with the art of Deejaying, able to rock and mix any genre seamlessly with skill and turntable wizardry. Cues is a member of The Universal Zulu Nation, 206 Zulus, Skratch Lounge Seattle, Beep Ahhh Fresh, Nation Breakers Crew (Mexico City, MEX D.F.), Bamboo Beats, L.O.E.E.

Cues can be seen or heard at various events through out the region; Bboy/Bgirl Jams, Hiphop shows, internet mixshows, Skratch /DJ workshops at Schools, youth classes, Skratch Lounge at Trinity Night Club in Seattle, Zulu Radio on KBCS, DJ Battles, occasional guest appearance at Stop Biting Tuesday at Lo-Fi in Seattle.

Be on the look out for upcoming DJ Cues projects, such as Skratch music EP, Mixtapes, more Arsenal internet skratch shows, creation of a Northwest Turntablist/ Battle crew and more.