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Christine Linde

Christine Linde

Music Director


Since coming to KBCS in 1998, first as a volunteer and now as Music Director, Christine has listened to enough CDs to encompass the earth a few times around.

A Seattle native and a graduate of Western Washington University, Christine dabbled in many fields before finding her way to KBCS.  “I’ve always loved listening to music.  One of my first memories is listening to the radio and sharing the songs I heard with the neighborhood while I swung away on a swing set.

Much to my surprise, I discovered pretty quickly that I really wasn’t much of a singer, and  I couldn’t tune an instrument for the life of me.  Fortunately for everyone within hearing distance, I can share my passion for music in other ways.”  In her off time, Christine enjoys gardening, spending time with her cats and encouraging everyone to have a good laugh now and then.