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KBCS and Northwest Harvest #FillThePack

When you donate $120 to KBCS today, together we will send a backpack full of nutritious food to a child suffering from hunger.

$ Goal


Progress as of: December 1, 2015

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DJ Chairman Moe

DJ Chairman Moe

Maurice (moe) Smith has been a volunteer with KBCS since 2009, when he realized a childhood dream of hosting his own radio show, Recycled Music, Sunday morning from 2-5.

Moe blames…um, credits the television show WKRP in Cincinnati for developing his interest in radio (and music, in general) as well as making it look like it could be fun. Thankfully, the folks at KBCS make things enjoyable, but they sadly lack the late 70′s hairstyles to really complete the vision Moe always had in his mind.

There’s a story behind the name DJ Chairman Moe, and yes, it involves alcohol.