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Auntmama’s great-niece Paige started asking for family stories and the tales have not stopped.

“All of them are true,” Auntmama  says, “even the ones I imagine.” That’s a line Auntmama stole from great great great uncle Samuel Clemmons and for sure, there is a Mark Twain story.

Fans of KBCS have come to love Auntmama’s weekly stories connecting the past with the future to a highly diverse audience. The twenty-something’s hear history for the first time. Baby boomers share a common understanding of American life of the past five generations. You can hear Auntmama on Sunday Folks.

Auntmama will take you back to her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains where time moves slower than a honeysuckle breeze. Then she’ll snap you back to the Northwest where sunlight halos Mt. Rainer, slugs feast on the dahlias, skyscrapers grow faster than the Douglas fir, and the Pacific Rim calls from over the horizon.