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Getting Airplay On KBCS

Thanks for your inquiry! Before spending the time and money to send your music to KBCS, please go over these guidelines.

In a hurry? Here’s the short version:

  • KBCS is very eclectic, but the new music that receives the most airplay on KBCS is roots-based Americana, World, RPM, and Non-Comm AAA.
  • Submissions must be full-length CDs, or at a minimum, a 6-song EP. mp3 submissions aren’t accepted.
  • Mainstream or College Rock, Smooth Jazz, Commercial AAA, or Top 40 Pop aren’t played on KBCS.
  • All submissions must contain a track list, and all tracks w/ FCC violations must be noted.
  • CD should be professionally manufactured. CDRs are accepted, but rarely added to the KBCS library.
  • The audio and production quality must be excellent.

If your music fits the above criteria, send your CD to:

KBCS Music Department
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

A bit more time? Read this longer version:

Hearing your music on the radio is a dream for many artists, and it’s a dream KBCS has made come true for hundreds of local, national and international musicians. We specialize in music for discerning listeners, those who appreciate new discoveries and well written material. As a community station, it is mostly our volunteer djs who choose the music they play, and their ears are very discerning.

KBCS’s music programming is very eclectic. Currently, the music that receives the most airplay on KBCS is roots-based Americana, World, and Jazz. Before submitting your music, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with KBCS programming (both through the online program schedule as well as our streaming audio and playlist archive) to honestly assess if your music would be a fit.

KBCS is an album-based station, and at a minimum, 6 track EPs will be considered for possible airplay. At KBCS we still do things “old school” and we currently cannot accept mp3 submissions.

If your music is Mainstream or College Rock, Smooth Jazz, Commercial AAA, or Top 40 Pop, the probability of getting airplay on KBCS is low to nonexistent, and it’s not worth your money or effort to send us the release.

A track listing must be provided and all tracks w/ FCC violations must be noted. If we hear a word you didn’t warn us about, we will likely pass.

CD should be professionally manufactured. If you send a CDR, we’ll eventually give it a listen but it most likely will not be added.

The audio quality must be excellent. Live recordings are cheap to do, but very rarely make for good radio.

The production quality must be excellent. If the mix is off or if you are a songwriter, and we can’t hear your lyrics, we will probably pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you listen to my music online before I send a CD?

Not likely. Limited time and the large number of submissions we receive prevent us from being able to do this.

If I send a CD will it really be listened to?

Yes, we really do listen to every CD that arrives at KBCS, and since that is often hundreds of CDs each week, it may be awhile before we get to yours. Patience is always appreciated.

My music isn’t widely known. Do I have any chance at all for airplay?

Absolutely. We love discovering new talent and sharing their music with our listeners.

Should I send a CD to each KBCS DJ I think will like it?

The best way to get your release into the KBCS library (and therefore accessible to the largest number of KBCS DJs) is to send it to the Music Department.

Should I include a picture and a one sheet?

A one sheet that gives some detailed info about the artist and the supporting players is always appreciated. But, don’t bother sending us a picture. At KBCS, it’s about the music.

How do I find out the status of my CD?

Music Department tracking hours are Thursdays from 12-3pm PST. Our phone line stays pretty busy during these hours, so it is often best to email us. We may or may not respond to your inquiry immediately, but we do make a mental note to check out your CD. Generally, we will get back to you, but please do not send us an inquiry every week.

Yippee, my CD was added. How can I find out if it is receiving airplay

You can send me an inquiry, or better yet, look over the KBCS playlists for the shows on which you think your music fits best. Generally, music that only works well on one or two KBCS programs generally takes longer to be discovered by KBCS DJs and receive airplay.

Can I or my friends and family call in and make a request to be sure my CD is played?

Sure, you can do that, but it’s not recommended. Our DJs are pretty savvy at detecting whether or not a request is authentic, and getting a reputation for calling in and requesting your own music won’t serve you in the long run.

Bummer, you passed on my CD. What do you do with it now?

Most all CDs that are passed are recycled. Sorry, we can’t afford to mail your CD back to you.

After CDs are out of primary rotation, where do they go?

Most CDs go into the main KBCS library where they will reside for a long while.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this material.

Christine L. Linde

KBCS Music Director